Not all men have a thing for candles, but for those of us who do, we understand that once you're into them, there's no turning back. The candle is a magical tool that purifies the air, cozies up the room, seduces the girl. Stop letting your girlfriend/wife dictate the scents of your den, and get yourself some mandles to take over with whiffs of tobacco, leather, wood, whatever else is manly. Silly, some may call us, but we carry on.

Blind Barber "Tompkins"

Blind Barber wanted to create a candle that evoked a feeling of "being hit with the clean smell of fresh towels" like what you get when you walk into their barbershop. Named after Tompkins Square Park, where the barbershop is located, the punchy blue candle carries key notes of leather, smoke, lavendar and honey. (small $32; large $88)

Cire Trudon "Bartolome"

Authentic French luxury fragrance house Cire Trudon makes elaborate candles like this one: "The bow of a Spanish sailboat reaches the amber shores of Hispaniola, propelled by a soft, wood-tinged breeze that spreads a message of peace and calmness across the lush Caribbean island." Fulfill your pirate fantasies. ($85)

Joya Studio Prism Collection "Sky"

Once again handcrafting beautiful ceramic cases for their hand-poured natural wax blend, Joya conjure up this Sky scent as part of their Prism collection. Although the main note is teak rosemary, it smells more like fresh linen right out of the laundry. When lit, it will make your room cozy and comfy. ($25)

Fellow Barber "Barstow"

Fellow Barber founder Sam Buffa is also a professional off-road motorcyclist, and so created this candle inspired by the Barstow-to-Vegas motorcycle race. Made entirely in the USA, the candle features smells of black pepper, cedar and pine softened by lavendar and grapefruit. You can reuse the enamel casing as a cup after burning up the candle, plus the whole moto race thing is a good story to tell. ($60)

MCMC "Dude No. 1"

This candle by MCMC headed by Anne McClain, graduate of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in southern France, is named "Dude No. 1" because it's inspired by "the man in her life." The cedar, sandalwood and peppercorn candle smells extremely light and herbal, perfect for freshening up your room. ($48)

Portland General Store "Tobacco"

Made of 100% natural Maine beeswax, this candle will purify the air around it and burn for longer than other candles. And how much more masculine could you get than tobacco? You couldn't. ($45)

Malin + Goetz "Cannabis"

Cannabis is arguably Malin's most popular scent. It's certainly the office favorite, so we are a bit too excited for this one. Citrusy lemon and orange combine with fig and pepper to emulate the olfactory notes of the leaf. ($52)

LITE + CYCLE "Urban Forest"

This next candle is inspired by Los Angeles’ own Griffin park, and is meant to represent the oasis within the clamour of the city. The mandle smells of cedar with notes of coffee, creating the perfect balance between zen appeal and urban exhilaration. (small $40; large $72)

A.P.C. "Toumbac"

Another tobacco-based candle, this time from A.P.C. The French brand uses the highest quality wax, so fatty and oily that its texture is gooey instead of solid. ($45)

Diptyque "Feu de Bois" Outdoor Edition

Take Diptyque's manliest of scents -- Feu de Bois (French for fire) -- and put it in a 52-ounce porcelain man jar, and it doesn't can any manlier. That's a candle whose volume is approximately equivalent to that of a 1.5-litre bottle of soda. And it has not one, not two, not three, not four, but five wicks. Bam. ($290)

Chicago Candle Co. "Kentucky Bourbon"

This is Chicago Candle Co.'s #1 Best Seller and for good reason. The completely hand-poured wax is so fragrant that it will emit the sweet, sweet smell of bourbon without even being lit. The glass case is made from upcycled wine bottles, also hand-cut. ($28)

Creed "Green Irish Tweed"

This one will get some love from the women in your life too. Creed's Green Irish Tweed, one of the brand's most popular cologne scents, makes appearance as a candle that will light up and smell up and turn on everyone around it. ($110)

Frederic Malle "Chez Monsieur"

The inspiration for this candle is as manly as it gets: "the man’s den." The candle immediately places you amongst the precious woods, tobacco and books that we have all come to associate with a man’s secret study. ($85)

Odin New York "03 Century"

Odin bring us this manly musk, featuring amber and smokey scents. The candle's appearance is just as clean as the smell, with slate-colored wax poured into the translucent black glass case. ($65)

MiN New York Nude Collection "Nude No. 2"

Part of MiN New York's Nude Collection, this one includes strong notes of leather and birch wood, but is balanced out with subtle smells of lavender and patchouli. ($95)

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