Android-using Childish Gambino fans, your time has come. After releasing his new adidas sneakers at Coachella via AirDrop, the rapper is now treating his non-iPhone-owning fans to new music. People who download PHAROS AR can listen to "Algorythm" in a unique "music experience."

The augmented reality app, developed by MediaMonks, utilizes the real-time game engine Unity to let users explore a tropical space filled with neon pink palm trees and petroglyphs, as they unlock the previously-unreleased song. "Algorythm" has been part of Childish Gambino's set during his "This Is America'"tour, but until now there was no official recording of it available.

Thanks to Google's ARCore Cloud Anchors technology, multiple users who are in the same location can explore the space together. Childish Gambino had the final approval, which ensures fans have a cohesive experience whether they are seeing him perform in concert, watching a music video, or using the app.

It's not the first time the rapper has experimented with technology and music. Back in 2017 he released a virtual reality vinyl for his 2016 album Awaken, My Love! That's not to say PHAROS AR isn't a unique experience. As Unity's tech producer of media & entertainment, Sarah Stumbo, explained to Billboard, "This is the world's first cross-platform multiplayer AR experience. Maybe it’s not the world's first AR music experience, but I don't know if there's ever been anything this big."

iPhone users don't need to worry that they're missing out, though. The app is reportedly coming to the App Store soon.

For more about Childish Gambino, check the video below.

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