One of the most surprising pieces from Supreme's Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which featured everything from Bogo-branded apparel to a Skittles collaboration was a red and white bed created in collaboration with Swedish label Hästens.

This King Size continental bed features 27 layers of horsetail hair, cotton, wool, Hästens flax, and Bonnell springs, and is finished off with oiled beechwood legs. There's no information as to what the price tag will look like, but your average Hästens entry-level bed will cost you just about $10,000 so don't expect it to be a bargain. Seriously, you know the beds are expensive when the website won't even give you a price estimate.

An expensive bed is perhaps the truest form of luxury, and Hästens has been perfecting its craft since 1852. With the average human spending 220,000 hours (over 9,000 days!) sleeping in their lifetime, a good bed seems like the ultimate investment. But when did beds become the ultimate flex? More and more companies have started to fuel the idea that your bedroom is key to your lifestyle, and of course, a branded bed is the ultimate sign of wealth.

For instance, consider the Hästens bed that broke the internet a year ago. That was when Drake revealed his custom set-up, created in collaboration with Ferris Rafauli and Hästens for about $400,000, which took over 600 hours to produce. The exclusive bed can still be pre-ordered by any other bed enthusiasts who happen to have half a million dollars to spare.

You may have come across MAREE, the company that provides a custom sleeping experience by creating (sometimes obscenely) large beds completely tailored and designed to your liking. Its clients include Serena and Venus Williams, LeBron James, Romelu Lukaku (remember THAT Instagram post?), as well as several luxury resorts and hotels. MAREE has even branded itself "the Rolls-Royce of beds." Of course, its prices also range from $12,000 to over $100,000. Sweet dreams are not necessarily included.

The most jaw-dropping bed of them all, though, might be Rick Owens' famous Alabaster bed that was exhibited in 2010. Measuring 280 x 310 cm, the bed, its two matching lamps, and side tables all weigh about two tons in total.

Travis Scott famously ordered one of the Owens beds for his $23.5 million Los Angeles mansion, which he struggled to even move into the house. “That shit weighs like a building,” he told GQ. It may not be the most expensive option, but it is certainly the least practical.

A quick Google search tells me that "the average mattress" ought to cost around $1,000 and will last between seven to ten years. A bed from Hästens, or a bed from fellow Swedish bed maker Carpe Diem, should last you circa 25 years and also comes with a 25-year warranty for its springs and bed frames.

It seems like the more you spend, the greater the reward. "You cannot cheat your way to perfect sleep but there are things that you can do to understand why it’s important and ensure you give yourself the best chance of a great night’s sleep," states the Hästens website. Perhaps it is right.

The Supreme x Hästens bed may not just be the first step towards men actually getting something other than just a mattress on the floor, but it might be the collaboration that makes us think of our sleep differently.

If we're spending so much money on clothing and flexing on other people, why can't we invest the same amount into our sleep? Your Supreme box logo will only last so long, but your bed is forever.

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