Hip-hop, streetwear, high fashion. All of these things now are one in the same – a notion that was pretty much made official via Louis Vuitton's (not so surprising) collaboration with Supreme at Paris Fashion Week.

No, this isn't anything new; rappers have been style tastemakers for decades and street-influenced fashion has been spotted on the runway for a while now. But somehow, the recent merger between two of the biggest players in their respective fields, luxury and streetwear in this case, provides closure to a long-debated topic.

That being said, rap music's love affair with fashion (and vice versa) continues to hold paramount influence over today's trend climate. All it takes is one "It" rapper to be seen wearing some statement piece until it's ultimately splashed across every street style recap or Insta-famous model's feed.

Last season, we saw Gucci denim jacketsvintage band T-shirts and Goyard shoulder bags pop off in a big way with style-conscious emcees, so what will be next season's must-have item?

I'm sure you've seen Dior Homme's FW17 collection by now. No? Well, just to summarize, it was peppered with a range of bold suits, furs and knitwear tailored for the "rave generation," as Creative Director Kris Van Assche put it. But even if you haven't seen the collection in full yet, chances are you've probably spotted a photo of VIP attendee A$AP Rocky somewhere on social media.

Aside from his trademark good looks and seamless swag factor, what really stood out from Pretty Flackos's appearance at Dior's show was the outfit he wore – a pair of trousers and matching jacket (both featured in the French label's FW17 line) that were showered with graphics of a sweaty mosh pit.

Fun fact: the images emblazoned on the aforementioned apparel are actually photo-realistic paintings from Chicago-born, NYC-based street artist Dan Witz’s Mosh Pits series, capturing the pill-fueled, hedonistic madness commonly seen at raves and band gigs.

If my tingling trend senses are anything to go by, something tells me this print is going to blow up next season. Why? Because I said so Because it has nearly all the trappings of what's currently vibing in menswear right now and has been for a minute. The Unofficial Godfather of Streetwear, Jun Takahashi, has been pushing the allover print for years, with his vision finally breaking through the mass noise in Spring/Summer 2016 alongside Supreme.

In addition, it references a niche subculture that comes off as "hard" and "edgy," and as we saw with the prevalence of Thrasher, rock band shirts and wallet chains last year, stylish folk simply love things that tap something rebellious, aggressive or obscure.

The print is also loud and eye-grabbing; it has just the right dose of dizzying patterns and colors to make for a hashtag-able statement piece. It's also pretty versatile, provided you style the rest of your outfit with pieces that are a bit more subtle (unless you do it a la Rocky and opt for a head-to-toe look). Throw a recognizable designer label and an endorsement from an A-list rapper into the mix, and you've got yourself the ultimate bait for any street style photographer.

Only time will tell if Dior's mosh pit motif will become the next fashionista staple though; it'll need to be seen on a few more high-profile celebrities before it really becomes a hit. But we're hopeful, and if it means that it'll replace those overplayed ironic slogan T-shirts, then we're all for it.

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