If Batman wore Dior, the Holiday 2021 collection would be an instant sellout – realistically, it probably still will be.

Fall/Winter, or what should be called the buffers on either side of the Holiday season, is the greatest period of dress in the calendar. Layers are heavy; knits are cozy, shoes rugged, puffer jackets are king, and it's tracksuit day, every day. Best of all, all black fits don't leave you sweating buckets.

Dior's Holiday 2021 collection encapsulates everything that is great about seasonal dress, in that it's all black. Almost.

Last year, the Dior Oblique puffer jacket was doing the rounds in the UK, and US rap scene, with its blue and purple colorways appearing on Fredo, Pop Smoke, A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Baby – the item was a hit, and rightly so.

For the holiday season, Dior has desaturated the piece, giving it a new chic elegance. To match, the ever-desirable Saddle Bag receives a matching update, pairing monogrammed black leather with a black strap and reflective lining.

The final touches of black are applied to the backpack and leather belt, while the B27 low-top sneaker is finished in a pairing of white and gray, once again featuring the statement Oblique monogram.

Would it truly be a collection born of gifting season without a couple of shiny things? Of course not. The final stocking fillers come courtesy of a gold belt bucket and silver CD logo ring.

If the holidays are too much for you, throw on the blacked-out sunglasses and be done with it all. I won't judge you.

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