The next artist to join Dior's expanding roster of collaborators will be Scottish painter Peter Doig, as confirmed by WWD earlier today.

Peter Doig is a highly-renowned figurative painter, widely known for his snowy scenes, bright colors, geometric lines, and landscape inspirations from his home in Trinidad. In 2007, Doig painting's White Canoe sold for $11.3m at Sotheby's setting a record at the time for a living European artist.

Even a cursory look over Doig's oeuvre will make it obvious as to why Jones would be keen to collaborate — it's easy to imagine the colors and soft textures being spun into knits and accessories.

In 2015, The Guardian published the following description of his work: "Amid all the nonsense, impostures, rhetorical bullshit and sheer trash that pass for art in the 21st century, Doig is a jewel of genuine imagination, sincere work, and humble creativity. His art will last, and that is what his collectors have cottoned on to. They are making a sound investment in sheer quality.

"Doig is the painter of the global age, a traveler without a destination, between cultures, between jobs, looking for paradise and finding a prison on the horizon. His art portrays the dreams we share, the freedoms we crave."

Hopefully, the same sense of escapism will be wrapped into his collaboration with Dior, which will be revealed this Friday as a part of the digital edition of Paris Fashion Week Men's.

The Dior x Peter Doig collection follows on from the Pre-Fall collaboration with American artist Kenny Scharf, which mixed Scharf's lively cartoonish paintings with silky tailoring and illustrations of the Chinese zodiac. Previously, Jones has tapped artists Amoako Boafo, Daniel ArshamRaymond Pettibon, Shawn Stüssy, Hajime Sorayama, and KAWS for his Dior men's collections.

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