Whether you're an AS Roma coach or a Game of Thrones fanyou know how dangerous the “Drake Curse” can be. According to legend, every time the “God’s Plan” singer poses with players or wears its kit, the team ends up losing. That's why fans lost it when he gave a well-intentioned shoutout to Arya Stark at this year's Billboard Awards.

The Toronto Raptors are known to be especially vulnerable to the curse. But last night, Drizzy weaponized the “Drake Curse” against their opponents by wearing 76ers shortsfor the action-packed Game 7. The critics are still out on whether it was Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater or Drake's sartorial choice that can take the real credit. Check out the clip below.

As usual, Drake was in on the joke, posting Instagram stories watching the game at home, in the Sixers' shorts. Not exactly a gracious victor, he went so far as to tag Philly residents Meek Mill and Kevin Hart.

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