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This Christmas week, Drake kept things humble. The "Champagne Papi" looked to have fallen on hard times when he was spotted working a shift at McDonald's alongside his colleagues Future and 21 Savage. Pictures of the duo working at the fast-food joint had the internet roaring.

In other news, Anti Social Social Club and Ed Hardy united for a bejeweled collection we wish had stayed in 2006, Drake borrowed a flow to drop his new song "War", and Drizzy's secret-baby-exposer and nemesis Pusha T ironically had the nerve to condemn leaks.

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Now, I ain't sayin' EMI a gold digger, but...

Music Publisher EMI Just Reopened Its “Servitude” Lawsuit Against Kanye West

10. "Shouldn't have told the public about that tax return Ye ?" - Donnell Maddox

Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen

Original Post: Anti Social Social Club Partners With Ed Hardy for Bejeweled Collab

9. "This reminds me of a time I’m trying to forget" - Matthew Wells

8. "So Fetch!" - Jessie Ray Spivey

Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell.. ?

Original Post: Kidult Vandalizes Balenciaga’s Paris Store With “Merry Crisis” Graffiti

7. "When you not getting Triple S sneakers for Christmas." - Mikkel Halskov Hansen


Original Post: How Leak Culture Reached Alarming New Heights in 2019

6. "Push talmbout leakin some shit lol... ok." - raw.arw

5. "But he leaked drakes son to the world?" - ahmxdddd

RIP UK drill music

Original Post: Watch Drake Squash His Beef with The Weeknd on New Track “War”

4. "Ghost writers in East London earning Ps right now." - Matt Kent Osborne

3. "Drake spinning a globe looking for his next accent." - Jordan Grammer

"As long as the outcome is income"

Original Post: Drake & Future Were Spotted Working a Shift at McDonald’s

2. "Bet the ice cream machine was broken." - Ross Turner

1. "Future’s child support bills must be racking up ?" - Cristina Daniela

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