Drake just delivered another masterclass in maintaining hype in isolation. Last month we learned that the 6 God had secured his own private, converted Boeing 767-300F, redesigned by none other than Virgil Abloh. And today he gave an up-close, virtual look at the blue airplane's "Abloh Engineering."

Drake's cryptic new Instagram post sees him offer yet another instructional video for his TikTok chart-topper, "Toosie Slide." But this time around he isn't dancing from the safety of his "Embassy" mansion in Toronto.

Donning the same “Riot Riot Riot” Raf Simons Camo bomber, and statement balaclava from the official video clip, a virtual Drake does the Toosie Slide on the wing of his jet, unencumbered by wind resistance of altitude.

While the premise isn't super believable, it is a responsible and effective way to build hype for his new album under the current circumstances. Plus it's the best look we've had of his jet since he first teased it a couple of weeks ago.


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