There's no denying Drake has helped put his hometown of Toronto on the map. A new report by Vice News suggest there's a specific dollar value to just how much he's boosted Toronto tourism - 5% of the city's tourism income, roughly $440 million of the $8.8 billion total tourism income. As the Toronto Raptors' hype man and the founder of October's Very Own, with his influence palpable in numerous restaurants, clubs, and venues around the city, notably giving Toronto a rebrand with the nickname "The Six," the rapper has undeniably helped make the city internationally appealing. Watch the video below.

"We did some calculations that suggest that he's worth $440 million to the Toronto economy,” says marketing and branding consultant Gordon Hendren, "Why? Because he's helped to rebrand the city. He's kind of made himself the same as Toronto.”

Revisit Drake's "I'm Upset" video, shot in Toronto.

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