While Drake was not physically present at Joe Budden's annual pool party in New Jersey over the weekend, that did not stop him making his presence felt. Drizzy decided to drop in through the Instagram Live session by commenting, “We want Rory!” After his first request was fulfilled, he Drake went on to demand “Yo play your diss song I wanna see if they ring off.” (Coincidentally, Budden has a number of songs that take aim at the Canadian rapper.)

Taking the pettiness up another notch, Drake then asked Budden to play Pusha T's “The Song of Adidon,” which Pusha famously claimed Drake was a deadbeat dad to a son that he had secretly fathered with former adult film star Sophie Brussaux.

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Drake suggested that the only person who would know the lyrics to the diss track leveled at him would be Genius' Rob Markman. Turns out that he was correct, as you can see via Markman's response.

The pettiness continued as Drake taunted Budden to play “Pump It Up,” joking that “It’ll send that AirBnB into a frenzy on God.” He also critiqued Budden's soiree, saying that it “looks like it's sponsored by Four Loko.” Budden clapped back, suggesting that his 2003 track "birthed" Drake. Budden eventually ended Drake's trolling session, saying “Don’t come in here and hurt my feelings. My dog just died. My birthday is next week. I don’t have time for these shenanigans.”

For a deeper dive into Drake's world, watch below.


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