Kanye West and Elon Musk deserve each other. I mean, beyond their spontaneous acts of big-headed bluster, they even have their own the respective cults of YEEZY or Tesla (or SpaceX or whatever).

So when you put the pair together, their impressionable, mostly young followings have ample cause to celebrate. Remember their incredibly uncool 'fit pic from last year? Yeah.

Kano CEO Alex Klein uploaded a photo of the pair back together on November 12 as part of some SpaceX program that invited a few of Elon's influential friends to the company's California headquarters.

Did they talk about Kanye's Balenciaga boots? The latest SpaceX StarLink launch? Unfunny Superman references?

Perhaps Ye and Musk discussed the massive tumble in Tesla's stock price, spurred by Musk's sudden sale of about $5.7 billion in Tesla shares on November 12.

After Musk's major sale, Tesla stock finished the week with a 15.4% dip, its deepest decline since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, given the fluidity of the stock market and Musk's immense wealth, this is basically just another day for him. Not like Tesla's die-hard superfans will give up their slots on the company's waiting lists or its cars will be less desirable.

The real takeaway is Musk's general ambivalence towards his followers, much like Kanye.

Before the sale, Musk posed a Twitter poll, asking if fans supported his plan to sell some shares. Thing is, it didn't matter what they said because filings revealed that Musk had already planned to offload some shares in advance.

Like with Kanye's Stem Player, this was a move made on faith. Kanye and Musk know that their die-hards will support them no matter what they do, doubly so when they prove divisive.

Musk plays to the crowd more obviously than Kanye but they both know that their followings, just like Tesla's stock prices, aren't going anywhere.

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