Pokémon cards have largely risen in value over the past year, causing some collectors to cash in on their investment. Recently, the most expensive first edition Pokémon box in history was at the center of a transaction worth $375,000 — that is until the set turned out to be fake.

On a recent episode of Dumb Money Live, which finds Chris Camillo, Dave Hanson, and Jordan Mclain exploring various investment opportunities, the guys were unboxing the aforementioned Pokémon set to determine its authenticity and subsequently purchase it for $375,000 in cash. The idea was to buy the previously unopened Pokémon box, keep it for a year, and then auction off each of the 36 boosters (packs of cards) and give the proceeds to charity. Unfortunately, however, the transaction was never completed, as the set ended up being fake.

Upon opening the box, a team of Pokémon experts, including Logan Paul's personal Pokémon consultant, Jake "The Crypto King" Greenbaum, determined that some of the boosters were mismatched, others were not first edition, and some had even been opened. As "The Crypto King" himself said, "That’s why you buy PSA/BGS graded!"

So, who's about to dust off their childhood Pokémon cards and see if they can turn a profit?

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