G Star Raw G-Star RAW jeans

To drop some history on you, G-Star RAW first introduced the 5620 G-Star Elwood in 1996, and it was a big deal not only for the brand but for the whole denim market. The brand used 3D technology, which was an innovative way of constructing jeans at the time (and still is). The design team applied 3D tech to the seams and to the knees of the denim, which creates a more flexible, comfortable fit and one that moulds to each wearer.

For a fresh take on the 5620s, G-Star RAW added a chunky zipper to the knee, which comes with the added benefit of a stash pocket. And if you know Highsnobiety, you know how we feel about pockets: the more, the better. To get up close and personal with the denim, some of Instagram's finest hit the streets of New York City to feel them out. Though G-Star RAW's head designer Pierre Morisset was inspired by a motorcyclist for these, styling them is really up to your interpretation, as shown below.

From Bed-Stuy to Harlem, check out these pics to hear what the internet is saying about the jeans.

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