Fans have been waiting for the release of the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto for almost seven years. However, a report by Kotaku reveals that we won't be getting GTA 6 anytime soon, as the game is only in the very early stages of production. Needless to say, gamers are upset.

According to the report, GTA 6 is still very early in development at Rockstar Games. Sources also told Kotaku that the next GTA game will “start out with a moderately sized release that is then expanded with regular updates over time." This means the game will release as a “games as a service” base experience that is then fleshed out with updates.

While initial news of GTA 6 being in development was welcomed, considering the studio's last game, Red Dead Redemption 2, took eight years to develop, fans aren't too thrilled at the potential delay. Scroll down to see how frustrated gamers are reacting to this news.

Fans are about to go GTA on Rockstar Games

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These tears are real

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