On this week's episode of The Dropcast, there's a ton of impending heat to talk about. Probably the hottest release is the Grateful Dead Dunk SBs, the furry lovechild of the Three Bears pack and the recent Deadhead trend that saw streetwear dudes copping a lot of tie-dye and emulating John Mayer.

We talk about how whoever's seeding pairs is doing a good job at getting the kicks on the feet of the right people who vibe with the shoe, and admit that it's kind of cool the concept came together despite the polarizing execution. We also take our caps off and acknowledge the quiet perfection of Virgil Abloh's latest Jordan 4 collab — essentially an off-white Off-White™ shoe that's a chef's kiss in subtle style.

Listen to the full episode to hear voicemails in response to the Question of the Week, where Dropcast listeners weigh in on what brands they're supporting these days and why.

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