While Rick and Morty's season four finale just aired in May this year, Adult Swim is already teasing season five with a new clip from the upcoming series.

Fans got a look at a cold open for an upcoming episode during Adult Swim's Comic-Con@Home panel. Co-creator Dan Harmon teased what's to come by showing the first footage of Season five, with a trailer featuring animation that is clearly still in its preliminary stages.

In the clip, the dynamic duo seems to be in peril, chased by a Kraken-looking space monster. Morty is carrying a wounded Rick back to ship and they escape through a rapidly closing portal that sends them on a crash course toward the earth.

As he contemplates death, Morty makes one last phone call to his crush Jessica to confess his feelings, only to be shocked when it turns out she likes him back and asks him out to watch a movie. Now determined to stay alive Morty ultimately crash lands into the ocean, where they’re greeted by Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s nemesis.

During the presentation, to the delight of fans, Harmon also confirmed that season six is in the works as well, so there’s going to be plenty more Rick and Morty to come.

For now, check out the preliminary trailer for season five below.

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