Yesterday, Apple launched its new exciting product lineup. And like each year amid all the hype, there was one product that really got our attention: the AirTag. While the new-age Bluetooth tracking device designed to help users find physical objects is a gamechanger, we're not gonna lie, the reason it caught our attention is the AirTag's Hermès-designed leather cases.

You know that feeling when you've misplaced something and your internet-age brain just wants to search for the item on your phone instead of physically looking for it? Well, in that case, the AirTag is for you. The small, coin-shaped accessory can be attached to handbags, keys, backpacks, or other items and taps into the Find My network, so you can always locate your lost items.

The mouth-watering luxury-tech crossover comes into play with the four leather cases, designed by Hermès to hold the AirTag. The assortment includes a Bag Charm, Key Ring, Travel Tag, and Luggage Tag ranging from $299 to $449 in three different colors. In addition, a version of the new trackers will also be engraved with the brand’s Clou de Selle logo, available exclusively through Hermès.

When the minimal elegance of Apple products meets the luxury craftsmanship of Hermès, it's a marriage that we hadn't foreseen, but it makes absolute sense.

You can order AirTags, alongside their covetable leather accessories, from 30 April 2021 via the Apple shop.

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