Hot Ones host Sean Evans just announced that the show will go on a break due to social distancing. In place of this week's episode, Evans shared a YouTube video to discuss the "elephant in the room" and explain what's coming up next.

"There is no new episode of Hot Ones this week," Evans said from his living room. "It's a bummer. I was really excited, but with social distancing and all that's going on in the world, that doesn't gel well with the show. It's me and a guest eating chicken wings and spitting at each other from across the table for an hour."

Thankfully, Hot Ones still has unaired material to last for a couple more episodes. Next week, there will be an episode starring Zac Efron. Meanwhile, the following week, fans can expect another episode featuring an unnamed guest and a Truth or Dab segment. "We'll call that the season finale."

After a mid-season break, Evans hopes to be back for season 12 of the show. "Hopefully we'll be up and running by that point. But you can't rush these things." Check out Evans' full announcement below.

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