The Houston Astros won the World Series for the first time in the franchise’s 57-year existence last night with a 5-1 Game 7 win against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Coming so soon after Hurricane Harvey, the win perfectly capped what has been a resilient response to the natural disaster. And it wasn’t just the team and its fans that celebrated: notable artists, celebrities, and athletes sent their congratulations Houston’s way after the historic victory.

Here’s some of the best reactions from social media.

The award for best celebration is Travis Scott’s no doubt

Travis even wants to perform at the parade on Friday

Houston, we do NOT have a problem

Houston’s brightest all had words of praise

While artists from all over were quick to congratulate

Also, how long before this becomes a meme?

Even Sean Astin aka Bob from ‘Stranger Things’ got hyped too

And then there’s Riff Raff, a Houston native, who had other things on his mind


Big ring

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