Even though things are changing, Instagram continues to surge as today’s premiere social media network, having surpassed 400 million users in late September 2015. Of course, your feed is only as good as who you follow, so a strong set of accounts is paramount in getting the most out of Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just a bit of eye candy, IG is packed with incredible imagery from all over the world.

Continuing our 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week feature, Highsnobiety’s Will Nichols, Pete Williams and NIK chose another five of their favorite personalities on Instagram. Be it portraits, landscapes, architecture or fashion, each of these accounts share amazing photos on a regular basis, so you’re sure to find someone new to keep your feed interesting.

Read on for our latest picks.

@annienguyen / Followers: 20.7k / Joined: Late 2010

Follows: This is a tough question! I would say @thelinenyc. The Line is definitely an aspirational retail concept for me. Not only that, but their branding is so on point. Hanna Tveite, a photographer who shoots for The Line, has absolutely stunning work. She has a way of sensationalizing everyday objects and all the people in her work look so surreal.

Favorite place to shoot: Any environment with defined lines, shadows and structures.

Footwear of choice: Lately? The Nike Rift.


@youngcorey / Followers: 14.9k / Joined: 2011

Follows: My favorite Instagram account to follow would probably be @trophyscarves, that account is genius and a true testament of black excellence.

Favorite places to shoot: My favorite place to shoot photos would be anywhere outside right when the sun is setting. The sunset is always a good subject because I like all the colors and you can get different colors each time depending on when you take it.

Footwear of choice: ​My sneaker of choice is a huge toss up between Jordan Is and Jordan IVs. Honestly though if I could have a lifetime supply of Bred 1s and Royals 1s I could never complain. It's such a simple shoe but it literally looks good with everything. The 94 ones are my favorite - they're just made better than most of the newer ones.


@elienjansen / Followers: 20.4k / Joined: About four years now

Follows: @belmodotiany - she's the fashion queen of Belgium. @chuck - he's such a great inspiration for my pictures!

Favorite places to shoot: It's hard to find a unique shooting location in Belgium but it's still a great challenge. I really love minimalistic and huge architectural buildings but I also like creating a set based on my own concept.

Footwear of choice: When I'm in my "casual clothes" mood, I usually wear my Nikes or other sneakers. On the other hand, I also adore wearing pumps if I get invited to an event.


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@jamessupreme / Followers: 1,594 / Joined: Spring 2012.

Follows: I would say my favorite would have to be @fathernico. First things first, his bio is a Ricky Bobby quote that goes, "I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence." Inspirational. Second, although his feed is mostly made up of artwork that he's been commissioned to create, he also posts his personal passion projects, which is dope.

Favorite places to shoot: My favorite places to shoot photos right now are concert venues. I spend lots of time there now and the silhouettes the lighting designers are able to create on stage make for the perfect iPhone photo of the act you came to see.

Footwear of choice: Low-top white-on-white Chuck Taylor's, hands down. I got my first pair in 2011 and have gone through too many to keep count of since. After a few wears, they have a personality of their own. I've been looking to get my hands on a pair of black and white adidas NMD Boosts though.

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