John Oliver has zero time for Facebook’s apology adverts as he made abundantly clear in Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight. Kicking off with a hearty “f*** you,” the British host went on to tear into the social media site’s campaign that promises a return to user satisfaction in light of the headline-dominating Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Listing Facebook’s various controversies — from claims it once aided genocide in Myanmar to Mark Zuckerberg refusing to ban Holocaust deniers to using hurricane-struck Puerto Rico to promote its virtual reality feature — Oliver did not hold back from delivering examples that suggest Facebook isn’t as wholesome as it would have you believe.

He then offered up a sarcastic alternative advert. “Your data enabled us to make a fuck ton of ad money from corporations, app developers, to political campaigns,” the ad states. “Then, we discovered your uncle used to have ties to the Klan, and guess what? We realized we could make a fuckk ton of money from that shit, too.”

Watch the video up top, and then share your thoughts on it in the comments.

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