Jonah Hill is one of GQ's 2018 Men (and Woman) of the Year winners for its 23rd-annual Men of the Year issue, and he's been appointed Director of the Year, for his amazing work on the coming-of-age skater flick, Mid90s.

On an accompanying segment for the publication, the actor/writer turned director gives a breakdown of what he deems are his "most iconic' characters in his film career so far, ranging from his roles in Superbad, Cyrus, 21 Jump Street, This is the End, The Wolf of Wall Street, War Dogs and Mid90s.

A highlight from the 13-minute clip is when Jonah Hill reveals he was trying to get his Superbad co-star Michael Cena to laugh during takes. Hill noted that a spontaneous sneeze only caused Cena to laugh. "I could never break him," he said. "He's so good. I could just never get him to laugh in a scene. And then one time, I just sneezed and he started cracking up. I was so frustrated that that's what got him to laugh, like, something I didn't even mean to do... I was trying for, like, two months to make him laugh in a scene and then a sneeze is all it took."

Enjoy the full breakdown above.

Up next, Jonah Hill discusses how to be a better person with Na-Kel Smith, and he seems happier than ever being behind the camera.

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