When he's not making a name for himself as Hollywood's unofficial streetwear ambassador, Jonah Hill is skipping out on important meetings to attend listening parties organized by Kanye West. Or at least that's what he told Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In a recent episode with the talk show host, Hill went on to talk about his fandom for West, admitting he was oblivious to the recording artist's recent controversies.

"I didn't realize it was controversial to go support Kanye at that time," said Hill, speaking of West's MAGA hat incident. "I don't bail on people straight away. This guy has given me so much, he's my guy."

Elsewhere during the show, the actor-cum-director also discussed what it was like to attend the second ever "Jonah Hill Day" party in Brooklyn, New York. Hill admitted he was too shy to attend the gathering — organized by Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris of the Failing Upwards podcast — last year, but made it along this time. "This year I was like, 'You know what, I just need to get over my social anxiety,' so I went in there and I freaked it," he told Kimmel.

Find the clip below, and then watch Hill discuss tattoos and what it was like to do karate with Joaquin Phoenix.

In other news, Drake might have just started a new trend.

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