Justin Bieber's new YouTube Original documentary series, Seasons, premiered yesterday on the video-sharing platform. The first episode is available for all viewers, while episodes two, three, and four are currently streamable for YouTube Premium members.

In episode one, which is titled "Leaving the Spotlight," Bieber recalls cancelling the final leg of his Purpose tour in 2017. We learn how the now 25-year-old musician found his way back to the studio following the decision, about the music for his new album and his new approach to making music.

The first installment includes interviews with Bieber, his wife Hailey, Scooter Braun, Alison Kaye from his management team, and his friend Ryan Good, who is also the co-founder of Drew House.

Justin Bieber: Seasons includes 10 episodes, each of which spans roughly 10 minutes. Find them all below.

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