If nothing else, JW Anderson ought to be known for having a flair for the fanciful. His collections upend British tropes and explore artistic premises with fun to spare. Speaking of spare... spare tire?

Yep, Anderson's SS22 womenswear collection, presented as a calendar, is rife with spare tires and models in exaggerated poses. So exaggerated, in fact, that photographer Juergen Teller, who lensed the imagery, got in on the action by stripping down for his own beauty shots.

This isn't Teller's first time nearly bearing all but I'm always all in for it. This realm of luxury is often weighed down by po-faced presentations occasionally lost in their own loftiness. Teller and his tires are a welcome partner to Anderson's latest selection of ready-to-wear.

If you aren't familiar, Teller is an art and fashion photog and kind of a body positivity icon. Much like the photog himself, Teller's work is all about finding the humor in the every day, the humanity in the mundane.

His subjects are all treated similarly, be they celebrities, animals, clothing, or himself. This even-handed, earnest approach has granted Teller international renown among both the art world and streetwear set.

Plus, it's always refreshing to meet someone who does away with pretension. One look at Teller's JW Anderson shots should tell you all you need to know about Teller's opinion on stuffiness.

As is JW Anderson's wont, his latest womenswear collection is rich with textural fascination. Organic metallic ruffles, knit pullovers, and printed chiffons coalesce with enormous belted trousers and crisp white dresses — but even the latter is bursting with color by way of the tiny resin rings that pierce its hemline.

Heeled sandals and woven bags reiterate a boho feel — even with Anderson's chunky gold hardware. The all-encompassing palette and fabric story has a very DIY feel, with a kitchen-sink mingling of textiles that Anderson is skilled at weaving into a cohesively disparate presentation.

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