Kanye West was collateral damage in the by now infamous beef between Pusha-T and Drake, who traded shots on a number of tracks. Now ’Ye, who produced Pusha’s last album DAYTONA and lives on the same street as Drake in Calabasas, has seemingly decided to try put an end to the beef before it gets even more out of hand.

In a Tweet sent late Friday night, Kanye said “I’ve never been about beef. I’m about love. Lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone, so this is dead now.”

It could be safe to say that West is perhaps referring to King Push’s hard-hitting diss track “The Story of Adidon,” which dealt with what many believed to be low-blows involving, amongst other topics, Drake and an alleged child he had been hiding from the world.

As for it not being good for anyone, he could also be alluding to the rumor that Drake is on the verge of joining adidas and having, as a consequence, internal beef, as Pusha is also signed to the three stripes. Meaning this may end up hurting the brand more than helping it.

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