Spooky season has reached a fever pitch.

Grocery stores began bombarding shoppers with Halloween decorations in early September and now that it's officially fall, the hunt for costumes is on.

2021 has been a weird year, to put it lightly — despite the, uh, turmoil we've both witnessed and experienced, the past nine months have borne witness to an abundance of cultural moments tailor-made for Halloween.

One of those moments is, inevitably, Kim Kardashian's Met Gala outfit. Instagram's First Lady stepped onto the red carpet in an all-black Balenciaga look comprised of a jersey minidress, stiletto boot-tights, and a balaclava-like shroud that obscured her entire face.

Kim K's dementor-esque ensemble spawned memes aplenty, rendering it a 21st century cultural touchstone.

The outfit is comprised of rather nondescript components, yet it's instantly identifiable — the perfect recipe for a Halloween costume.

If you don't feel like fashioning your own Kim K get-up out of black T-shirts and leggings, Yandy — the lingerie and clubwear purveyor — offers a "Mystery Gala Guest Costume."

An obvious nod to our one and only "Calabasas queen," the outfit includes a black tube dress, mesh cape, "breathable facial hood," tights, and gloves. For $100, it's Balenciaga on a budget.

The Kardashian clan is a veritable goldmine of Halloween costume. If Kim's Met Gala look isn't your thing, how about her DONDA bride moment?

And don't forget about Kourtney — perhaps you and your boo would like to channel her goth girlfriend phase, courtesy of Travis Barker?

Or maybe, you'd like to go as Kendall's bizarre Jacquemus campaign and call it a day.

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