After a three-year hiatus, King Krule is finally back with his third studio album, Man Alive!, and needless to say, Twitter is a bit emotional right now.

Featuring previously released singles “(Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On,” "Alone, Omen 3," and “Cellular," the LP clocks in at 14 tracks. Man Alive! delves into the inner anguish of the UK artist, creating a dizzying soundscape interrupted only by a floating interlude called “The Dream."

Man Alive! serves as a followup to 2017's The OOZ, and builds on Krule's recognizable minimalist punk. You can stream the new 14-track LP below.

Since King Krule's album dropped earlier today, Twitter reviews all agree that it's a masterpiece, with many fans sharing hilarious memes of themselves transcending to Man Alive! Check out some of the best and most accurate reactions below.

Did we clear our schedules for new King Krule? Yes, we did.

We are feeling feelings we didn't know we had

Today is a good day

Do not disturb, I am busy transcending

When the new King Krule hits


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