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When it comes to jewelry for men, understated elegance is key, and French jewelry label Le Gramme understands this well with its latest Beads Collection. Founded in 2012, the brand’s signature aesthetic includes engraving each of its pieces with the stamp of the artisan who crafted it, its weight, and serial number, turning each piece into a work of art.

Le Gramme’s Beads Collection reinterprets the utilitarian metal ball chain and presents its own refined take on the accessory in two precious metals: sterling silver and gold. The bracelets’ minimalist approach uses full, solid beads complemented by a sleek, screw-in cylindrical clasp and is available in both brushed and polished versions, letting the wearer decide how to show off their new bling.

Both metals are available in three bead sizes (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm) allowing you to choose the one that best complements your wrist, as well as two other variations that combine predominantly sterling silver beads juxtaposed with yellow or red gold pieces for an even bolder take.

The full Beads Collection consists of 11 pieces and is available now at Le Gramme’s website.

Words by Daniel So
Branded Content Editor

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