A year after Apple Park officially opened its doors, the spaceship-like campus designed by Foster + Partners has now been immortalized in LEGO form.

As Dezeen points out, the impressive structure was built by automotive engineer Spencer Rezkalla, who is fond of recreating replicas of famous buildings in about 1/650th scale, utilizing LEGO blocks as the modeling medium.

Taking two years to complete, starting in 2016, Rezkalla paid close attention to Apple Park's development, as he studied drone videos of the structure to precisely map and detail his design.

Measuring 19 square feet and weighing 77.5 pounds, the LEGO-fied Apple Park depicts the ring-shaped headquarters perfectly, along with its large surrounding of foliage achieved by utilizing a variety of 1,647 trees of varying sizes, as well as the neighboring buildings, solar panel-fitted parking garages and more.

While the breathtaking model looks impressively accurate from afar, Rezkalla admits that it's not a perfect replica. "In watching early drone videos, I thought these two still-under-construction courts would eventually be used for tennis," he said. "A later video revealed they are actually for volleyball. Nevertheless I decided to keep the tennis courts because I thought they looked more interesting."

For the full story, head over to Dezeen.

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