Lil Dicky's new TV show Dave (after his real name Dave Burd) premiered this week on FXX. The semi-autobiographic show sees Dicky get really personal and open up about the insecurity that inspired his ridiculous rap moniker. However, while many are fans of the 31-year-old rapper's comedic and often complex lyrics, some aren't quite into his crossover to television.

Dave is somewhat based on Lil Dicky's life, centering around an aspiring rapper who is convinced he's destined to become one of the greatest emcees ever. According to Dicky himself, season one of the show follows the YouTube rapper as he attempts to get people to take him seriously. The show also humorously tackles Dicky's biggest insecurity: his deformed penis.

In the show Dave opens up about his deep-rooted insecurity, however it's not just a punchline, Dicky says that the episode is the ultimate “living my truth.” In an interview with Vulture, the rapper explained the very real, personal inspiration behind this storyline: "My penis has always been a big issue for me. Even as a child. There’s no way to tell my life’s story without talking about my penis at some point [...] That’s why my rap name is Lil Dicky. I literally had surgeries on my penis as a child."

Despite his candour, Lil Dicky revealed that his transition to television comes as he doesn't see his rap career lasting too much longer. “I’m 31,” he says. “No one’s going to care about listening to me rap at 42 years old.”

Yet as he focuses more of his creative energy on TV and bares all, will fans of Lil Dicky hop on board to support the show? As for now, Dave is receiving mixed reviews, with many expressing their disinterest in the program. Twitter, for one, isn't all that hype for a Lil Dicky TV show. See below for some of the standout reactions.

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