SZA was a vision at Vanity Fair's 2020 Oscars after-party and no one summed it up more perfectly than Lil Nas X.

"Call me old fashioned," he wrote in support of SZA's party fit. "I was raised to serve my queen. clean for her. cook for her and everything i do is for her. and if she cheats? that is on me!" Read his doting ode to the “Supermodel” singer below.

The openly gay country/trap rapper generated a number of problematic takes from his hilarious tweet, but he was quick to turn them into even more meme-ready fodder.

Meanwhile, his 3.4 million-strong following was loving it.

Lil Nas X recently celebrated his two Grammy wins by releasing a new track in the form of an official “Rodeo” remix, featuring Nas.

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