Loro Piana now sells scented candles — or, as the brand characterizes them, "sculptures-in-progress"

In line with the Italian label's cashmere expertise, scarf trimmings are melded around rectangles of wax, creating a sort of soft "container" for the candle.

Once the candle is fully burned, the fabric shell remains — Loro Piana suggests re-using it to hold a new candle or knickknacks.

Jacquard and bouclé scraps are also repurposed, adding a textural component to the homeware line that recalls the label's knitwear.

As for scent, Loro Piana crafted three fragrances: "Mongolia," "New Zealand," and "Myanmar."

The first is a spicy, smoky cedarwood scent and the second is sweeter, floral concoction. The last evokes the clean, fresh smell of snow-topped mountains.

Loro Piana is a luxury label that dabbles in $2,000 sweaters, so it's not entirely surprising that each candle prices at $390.

What is noteworthy, though, is how an increasing number of fashion brands are venturing into the art of scented wax, ushering in the era of what we like to call the Clout Candle.

Less conspicuous than a designer handbag, the Clout Candle is an understated, good-smelling status symbol. It's the antithesis of Glade. It's more mysterious than the now-ubiquitous Diptyque or Le Labo.

The Clout Candle is recognizable yet niche, a combination that doesn't always translate to sky-high prices.

Some examples include candles by Loewe ($85), Dior ($90), Saint Laurent ($72), VISVIM ($165), and A-COLD-WALL* ($65).

There are non-designer Clout Candles, too: Frédéric Malle, Cire Trudon, and Tom Dixon make them. Back in 2020, we even saw a non-scented Clout Candle, the Goober, on every influencer's Instagram.

Whatever your mood, there's a Clout Candle for it. Take your pick, and get Drake on the line while you're at it.

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