Marcus Rashford is gearing up for global superstardom. The Manchester United forward has just successfully trademarked his name in the U.S.A.

The 23-year-old's lawyers have trademarked his name against a range of products in the US including clothes and sportswear, grooming products, and games, according to The Sun.

The move suggests Rashford could be gearing up to launch his own brand. It's no surprise considering his success on and off the field. In June, he signed with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation Sports agency. And JAY-Z has said he and his team will manage the player’s off-field branding and philanthropic activities rather than his football career.

Roc Nation reportedly played a role in Rashford's free school meals program this summer. After the UK government rejected a bid to continue the free meal program, Rashford spearheaded the movement to make sure underprivileged schoolchildren are able to have access to free food over the holidays. In the end, the player's activism forced the Government into a u-turn on the policy.

Rashford has also been making a name for himself in the world of fashion. The footballer has starred in multiple campaigns with the likes of Burberry and Nike.

All in all, Marcus Rashford already has all the makings of mainstream success and his move to trademark his name is just the beginning.

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