McLaren Applied Technologies has envisioned how grand prix racing should look three decades from now, predicting that racing will be all-electric with the advanced use of artificial intelligence. The company also revealed its concept 2050 Formula 1 racing car codenamed MCLExtreme or (MCLE), transformed by AI, autonomy and more.

According to their research, which included speaking to fans and MA and PhD students to understand which future tech could contribute to the spectacle of grand prix racing, they believe that futuristic race circuits could incorporate huge sidewinding banks, pitlanes with the capacity for battery charging and circuits that can adapt to the weather. This performance would be achieved from an electric powertrain, which McLaren believes is inevitable as emission laws become tighter and petrol and diesel cars are phased out.

Active aerodynamics are also noted as a key feature to improve efficiency of vehicles, while McLaren predicts that artificial intelligence will play a huge role in the future of grand prix racing. The company envisions an on-board AI system that would aid the driver and become a major technological battle component between teams. For example, the AI learns and predicts the driver’s preferences and state-of-mind, provides real-time race strategy and key information via a holographic head-up display.

Furthermore, as part of the vision, a glimpse of the car concept dubbed, MCLExtreme, is a 500km/h rear-wheel-drive electric car powered by a "foldable battery molded to the aerodynamic package." The aerodynamics would be "shape-shifting," while the car tech would also include "self-healing tires."

Enjoy the video above and follow on over to McLaren's website now for additional details.

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