Nike ISPA Inflate Jacket

Nike has debuted a new inflatable jacket designed to adhere to sudden changes in temperature. Aptly dubbed the Inflate Jacket, the garment has been created under the brand's ISPA program, which emphasizes finding solutions for common problems. According to the brand, the "I" in ISPA stands for "improvise," which is often what must be done in order to improve a solution.

The ISPA Inflate Jacket boasts an internal blue bladder that can be inflated to ultimately make the garment warmer. Nike points out that this particular design element is merely a manual solution for the spring season when the weather can change in the blink of an eye and a variance of five degrees can feel significantly different.

Nike's new outerwear design builds upon the ACG Airvantage jacket from 2006, which also had inflatable capabilities. You'll be able to purchase the ISPA Inflate Jacket when it releases globally on March 13, just in time for spring.

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