If you've never previously heard Ninja, one-half of South African rap-rave duo Die Antwoord, tell a story, you're truly missing out — and you should of course press play above immediately. The 42-year-old artist remains as enthused as an elementary school kid, all while seemingly remembering every little detail from his random happenings.

Recently, Ninja got together with VICELAND as a part of the network's Party Legends series to discuss the time he played basketball with Kanye West and Drake at Drake's house.

The story begins with a FaceTime call from Paris Hilton to Ninja. Fast forward, and Ninja somehow ends up at Kanye's house, sharing an awkward conversation with Yeezy, before making his way to a Drake show, and then ending up back at Drizzy's for a game of hoops. Oh, and there's also a tidbit about some banana pudding that Kim Kardashian left in the refrigerator for Kanye, Ninja and Travis Scott.

Interest still not piqued? The below excerpt should change your mind.

"The only thing I regret in life is that I didn't practice basketball more," Ninja insisted. "It would have just been really beautiful if I could have just gone up once and slam dunked and as Drake came up against me, my pants would have fell a bit too low. And as I slammed, I would have just teabagged him. But that didn't happen."

Yeah, press play above to soak it all in.

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