Like most sides of tech, Apple has a grip on the world of wireless earphones that few companies can dream of competing with. That makes it all the more exciting when someone comes along with a genuine bid for the title, especially when they’re an independent tech expert like Nothing. The Nothing Ear (1) sells out every time it drops which is always a good sign, putting it in the conversation for the best wireless earphones to buy on a budget.

Nothing aims to produce high-end technology that fades into the background: low-key and high-tech is the name of the game. Visually, the Nothing Ear (1) does just that. Its deconstructed aesthetic extends from the transparent fixtures to the charging box — a sure sign of the brand’s mission statement in stripping the pair down to their bare essentials.

But, while bare essentials is a positive visual quality, it’s less desirable when it comes to the sound. Luckily, Nothing Ear (1) is underpinned by a seriously impressive audio range, aided by best-in-class active noise cancellation and transparency modes.

Weighing in at just 4.7g, it’s mind-boggling that the powerful 11.6mm speaker driver functions the way that it does. Best of all, with 34 hours of listening per charge, you won’t get caught out when you’re on the move.

Since its release, the Nothing Ear (1) has been difficult to get hold of, with most securing their pairs at resale. Luckily, though, Nothing has announced weekly drops and the first is happening today at 12PM EST. You can sho the new stock here.

The Nothing Ear (1) retails at $99 and you can shop it here or at MR PORTER.

Shop the Nothing Ear (1) below.

Ear (1)

Ear (1)

from $99


(Available at 3 Merchants)
(Available at 3 Merchants)

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