Paddle8 has just launched its latest Street Art auction featuring works by KAWS, Banksy, Invader, Mr. Brainwash, Hebru Brantley, Matt Gondek, and more. The sale is scheduled to run through May 21.

Highlights from this particular installment include KAWS’ rare Isolation Tower print estimated around $40,000 USD, as well as the artist’s never-before-auctioned Wood Hand and set of 12 Permanent Thirty-Three Heads. Joining the KAWS standouts are a signed Banksy Soldiers print, 2011’s Oh…Alright and Invaded Scream prints from Invader, and a Snoopy and Woodstock canvas by Matt Gondek, dubbed Melting Snoop.

You can also find additional works by REVOK and Curtis Kulig, among others, as the lot boasts over 50 pieces in total.

Visit Paddle8 for more on their current Street Art action, again, taking place through May 21.

In related news, you can now rent original KAWS artwork.

Not NYC, not LA.

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