Brand: New Balance x Port LBC

Buy: Port LBC

Release Date: Available now

Editor's Notes: Does anyone remember the Leo DiCaprio vehicle The Beach from 2000? Its backstory is more interesting than the actual movie but some of the most memorable scenes see a young Leo frolicking across a beatific Thai beach, soaking up sun in a halcyon setting similar to that which informs Port LBC's new collaboration with New Balance.

The "LBC" in Port LBC stands for "Long Beach, California," where the boutique has been for a full decade. Port stocks a full range of branded apparel, vintage, and home goods in a cozy nook packed with wooden shelves and makeshift couches, with all the charm of a centuries-old beachside alehouse made hip.

Given Port's predilection for seasonless retro sportswear, its New balance apparel is almost exactly what you'd expect it to be. There's a fleece sweatsuit, T-shirt, hat, and shorts realized with co-branding and a special wash that affects the tan items with a soft, lived-in feel.

Same goes for the collaborative sneaker, a riff on the courty and sporty New Balance Tempus. With all the collaborative New Balance runners dropping these days, it's almost refreshing to see an unassuming deck shoe being revived, though I can't deny my love for a chunky dad shoe.

Anyways, Port LBC worked with New Balance to cook up the NM22, complete with a soccer-inspired tongue and veg-tanned leather. It ain't fancy but it is appreciably attractive, much like Port LBC's unassuming interior and young Leo. Hey, Leo still likes going to the beach nowadays and he'd probably appreciate the ease inherent to Port's NB team-up.

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