Japanese bag brand PORTER and G-SHOCK have revamped the AWM-500, an entirely stainless steel timepiece, with luxe detailing — and its very own shoulder bag.

Releasing on October 26 at PORTER's website, the combination analog and digital watch features a traditional dial as well as a screen displaying the time and day of the week.

Its metal bezel and band are coated in Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), a wear-resistant material that protects against abrasion and looks pretty sharp, too. To iterate the timepiece's elevated feel, the mostly all-black watch is accented with splashy gold markings.

This AWM-500's most interesting facet, though, is informed by PORTER's signature storage know-how: the watch's case, a circular cross-body bag outfitted with a top handle and adjustable strap, doubles as a fashion-forward accessory. The front of the bag is branded with G-SHOCK's signature impact resistance curve alongside PORTER's logo patch.

The bag's zipper pulls mimic the watch's hour and minute hands, rendered in red and gold respectively.

PORTER's on a collaborative hot streak at the moment, recently dropping collectible goods in partnership with the likes of KAWS, Garbstore, JJJJound, and Buzz Rickson's.

G-SHOCK's AWM-500 was first introduced as a higher-end riff on the AW-500, the company's first analog watch. Featuring a "Full Metal" makeup and an LCD display, the AWM-500 built on the success of its iconic predecessor. PORTER and G-SHOCK bring this legacy to new heights.

Priced at approximately $1,250, the collaborative AWM-500 model will set you back significantly more than other iterations of the AWM-500, most of which fall somewhere between $500 and $600.

If you're not entirely sold on the price, don't forget: you're getting a PORTER bag as part of the package, too. Wouldn't it be nice if all luxury watches came with a matching purse?

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