With well over 100 years of experience handcrafting the highest quality Italian shoes, Premiata is now a big-time player on the fashion footwear and sneaker scene. You've only got to check out its disruptive Sharky sneaker that released recently to see that the label is incorporating the hottest trends into its time-honored craft.

But the Sharky isn't the only thing Premiata have to offer. The heritage brand is steeped in history and its innovative and trendsetting ways are often underappreciated when it comes to sneaker debates. Don't believe us? Read on.

History Says It All

Founded in 1885 in Montegranaro, Italy, Premiata spent more than 100 years handcrafting the highest quality Italian shoes before taking a more fashion-focused and international approach from 1991. The shift was predominantly due to Graziano Mazza's influence, who took over the family business from a young age and brought a new, more creative approach to footwear design. After registering the business in ‘91, Mazza led the company into new territories and sparked defining collaborations with fashion brands from around the world.

Ahead of the Game

At a time when sneakers were still predominantly for sports, Premiata started making fashionable sneakers for the style-savvy back in 1996. Similarly, Premiata beat most to the idea of restoring archival silhouettes when Mazza designed a collection in 2009 inspired by retro running shoes from the ‘70s. Of course, ever the innovator, Mazza incorporated contemporary techniques and materials into the designs too, just like other brands have started doing today. Mazza applied prints to outsoles, precious fabrics to uppers, and unique proportions to various elements of Premiata's sneakers.

Innovation Remains at the Brand's Core

Despite still being based in their original home, Mazza and his team remain committed to creativity and innovation that far exceeds the little town's borders. The Sizey collection — which features the Sharky silhouette — launched at high-end retailers late in 2018 and far exceeded sales expectations. And, more generally, Premiata displays constant flexibility in its product offering with everything from chunky sneakers and retro runners to workwear styles and technical trekking shoes.

For more information and to shop Premiata shoes like the Sharky visit premiata.it. Stay up to date with all the latest Premiate news follow @premiataofficial on Instagram.

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