PUMA recently dropped the Suede Classic XXI Collection, a full-colour re-stock of one of sneaker cultures all-time legends. The Suede has been appearing on the feet of icons and game-changers in culture since 1968. Its clean lines, lux suede upper, and easy to wear silhouette has helped the Suede stand the test of time and flit from fit to fit no matter the subculture or trend. Decade after decade. 2020 is no different.

We rounded up the best of the grams Suede fits below.

Felipe Pelaez

Felipe just pulling off that wide-leg Zoot pant look. Pretty much sums up the Suedes adaptability to any fit.


Switzerland based André lets it be known that the Suede doesn't look out of place with a more tailored look.

Nathan H

This fit prooves the tracksuit ain't over. Clearly up on his Suede history, the pink Kangol and FAT laces is a nice little nod to the sneakers hip-hop roots.

Julien Boudet

Just Julien Boudet doing what Julian Boudet does best here.

J.M Melchico

The Suedes smarter side. We have got to find out where he got that coat.

Jordan Hames

Keep it cozy and let the Suedes stand out in an all pastel ensemble.

Nji Malone

The red Suede is far too slept on.

Simon Decker

Keeping it minimal with the ivory pant, black Suede combo.

The Suede Classic XXI Collection is available here.

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