On Tuesday, Pusha T did an AMA with fans via Discord, where he delivered some exciting news. The rapper revealed that he’s working on three new projects, including a collab with Tyler, the Creator.

During the discussion, Pusha was asked about when a new album is dropping. “[I'm] working on that right now." He elaborated, “I’m actually working on three projects right now. So, you know, with everything that’s going on in the world right now, of course we’re not all together, but I’m well in on my next project. Well, well, well, well in on the project.”

Later on in the AMA, King Push revealed that Tyler had recently sent him a collection of approximately nine different beats. According to the DAYTONA rapper, the tracks are sonically very different from what fans expect from Tyler. "I make him go straight hip-hop, like, full-fledged. It's full ignorance... I don't wanna experiment." Pusha explained it's all about crafting "the filthiest of hip-hop."

Pusha also commented on his upcoming Madlib collaboration. “We’re cooking. That’s really all I can really say about it,” he explained. “With producers, to me, it’s like I’m going to school so he’s just like another teacher to me.” He added that the pair already has “a hard drive full of gems.”

Take a listen to the full Discord AMA below, to hear Pusha speak on creating new music, his new Heir Wave Record Label and his relationship with G.O.O.D. Music.

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