An unreleased Supreme bogo tee – perhaps one of the rarest in existence – has been listed on Duke's Archive for a staggering $10,000.

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The tee was first seen on display in Abloh's 2019 "Figures of Speech" exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The bogo shirt features the Supreme logo redesigned in a possible interpretation of the pan-African flag, also known as a Afro-American flag and Black liberation flag, which was established in 1920 by members of UNIA.

The tee was also seen on the shoulders of Chief Keef in photography from the same exhibition.

The tee listed on Duke's Archive is labelled as a "second print test" which was made before a wide-spread production of the T-shirt was cancelled, making this extremely rare as a Virgil Abloh x Supreme collaboration never materialized.

The T-shirt is still for sale, available in X-Large on Duke's Archive.

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