In honor of Queen Rihanna's 30th birthday in the year 2018, we here at Highsnobiety have decided to expand our previous effort to unearth the multi-talented artist's most savage social media moments. For every year she has spent on this planet called earth we will bestow upon you a moment in Robin Fenty history - 30 to be exact.

We were originally perplexed yet intrigued by Rihanna’s April 2017 Instagram posts where she photoshops the Queen’s head on her own iconic looks. We were inspired to reflect upon the ingenious savagery that is Robyn Fenty on Instagram and Twitter.

We simply do not deserve Rihanna’s sublime pop music, nor her legendary ensembles, and the fact that she chooses to interact with us mere mortals on social media is truly a blessing. Alas, we have compiled a handy compilation of Rihanna’s most savage social media moments below for your perusal, starting first and foremost with her now canonical Queen Liz rampage:

It seems anyone who knows that the Queen of England exists has an opinion about Rihanna deciding to photoshop her face onto Elizabeth-Riri hybrids. Despite the controversy, Rihanna went forth with a total of five Bad Gal Lizzy grams, highlighting recent iconic looks, most notably the Gucci bodysuit that she wore to weekend 1 of Coachella 2017.

“Sex With Me So Amazing... that If Your Ex Dies & You Cry… Buh-bye”

“Why does her hair look so nappy?” BIG MISTAKE ASKING THAT QUESTION, MY FRIEND...

Making RihRih wait for fit pics?! HUGE MISTAKE!

Back in January, Rihanna managed to slay with a caption that is all at once pro-immigrant, anti-Trump, and brilliantly responds to the chickengate fiasco with Azealia Banks.

Again, Rihanna is unafraid to get political and look good while doing it. Fierce and femme and ready to protest, she is always ready to get savage for the sake of basic human rights.

“#VOTE bih” implores Rihanna, in a meta T-shirt declaring her support for both Hillary Clinton and her own damn self.

That time back in 2011 when she beefed with Ciara and won with her iconic “good luck with booking that stage you speak of”

Another amazing one-liner perfect to use on your next annoying Tinder match - “eject reject witcho ratchet ass”

In which Rihanna tells one of the largest music media companies in the world that she ran out of fucks to give in response to MTV posting photos of her smoking weed at Coachella back in 2012.

Kendall Jenner is not even safe out here...

A perfect Rihply to a fan’s post claiming she has the same bathing suit as RihRih. “K” never seemed more savage…

What’s better than publicly pranking your personal chef?

Once a bridesmaid, always a blunt-smoker...

How DARE you assume she's wearing a wig!??!?!?

Whose hairs are you referring to, my guy?

"Laugh or log off" - words to live by

Better luck next time :(

She went there!

Casually subtweeting TLC...

Rih's response to a fan concerned she was getting back with Ch*** Br**n


In response to a too-lit Amanda Bynes c. 2013

Back in 2010, someone tweeted at her "merry christmas tampon head"...

She's BEEN the Queen of Shade

Continually baffling that a regular shmegular degular Twitter user thinks they have the right!

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