Brand: Satisfy Running

Season: FW20

Key Pieces: This collection's TRAIL 3 shorts are the gold standard of running apparel: a sweat-proof sleeve for your phone, zipped back-pockets for keys, a mini carabiner to clip on any other valuables, and phosphorescent fabric and reflective pads for visibility – all weighing less than 100g.

Release Date: Available Now 

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Editor’s Notes: Luxury running brand Satisfy Running has facilitated an unexpected but highly welcomed crossover of mediative exercise, running apparel, and experimental sound baths with Sunn O))) frontman Stephen O'Malley.

As seen in the video above, the "Inner Trip Center" collection explores running as more of a spiritual, awareness-raising experience than simply sweating bullets on a treadmill. As a means of self-discovery, the act of running is compared to music and meditation which sees O'Malley jogging in the Faro Islands and creating a droning sound bath on his guitar.

The collection contains a full wardrobe of running gear including tanks, tees, hoodies, workout pants, water bottles, running belts, and caps. The soft cloud merino wool is hand-dyed using a traditional Japanese shibori method; the collection's more neutral tones are awakened with a silvery aluminum-charged ripstop fabric.

This collaboration of different worlds emphasizes the importance of sensory experience as a branding tool, a topic covered in our recent White Paper report, where we also spoke to the founder of Satisfy, Brice Partouche.

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