Leaked designs of Sony‘s upcoming PlayStation 5 have been surfacing online since August and now new images reveal that the rumors might actually be quite close to the real thing.

In the summer, an image of an “unknown electronic device” created by Sony’s technical director, Yushiro Ootori, leaked online and teased a V-shaped PlayStation 5 console. Now, The Verge reporter Tom Warren just shared a picture of the devkit on Twitter and it seems to confirm the rumors.

Warren continued to explain that the shape and generous size are designed to make the device easy to stack, a feature that will appeal to developers running multiple stress tests. What's more, the large side-vents apparently act as a cooling tool, optimized to push air out and prevent overheating. The shots also give a first glimpse at what looks to be the rumored DualShock 5 Controller.

See how the first images compare to the leaked designs below.

Obviously, devkits tend to look a little different from the final product. Expect the retail product to have a few tweaks before it reaches stores next year. In the meantime, head here to discover everything we definitely know about the PlayStation 5.

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