Southern producer Southside took to Instagram Live over Easter weekend to share a new beat he’s working on. It’s unclear at the moment who the beat is actually for, yet the internet has fueled rumors it’s for Travis Scott and most likely will end up on Astroworld.

These rumors started when the uploader of the video to YouTube, Real Sh!t, added that speculation to the video’s headline. Reddit’s hiphopheads forum then ran with that title, starting a thread with the title “Southside making a beat for Travis Scott.”

Redditors on the thread, however, were quick to question the validity of the YouTube video title and thread headline, openly questioning the veracity of both.

On the other hand, if it is indeed for Travis Scott’s highly anticipated Astroworld, then it could add truth to rumors that the album isn’t close to being finished.

For now, you can check out the wavy beat in the video above and let us know where you think it will end up in the comments section below.

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